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"Nightingale" on Nobilis Reed's Erotica Podcast
My steampunk story "Nightingale," originally published in Circlet's Like Clockwork antho, is currently featured as part of Nobilis Erotica podcast series.  You can access it at https://nobilis.libsyn.com.  To actually hear Nobilis' reading, go to the Friday September 26 post and click on the "Direct download: NobilisErotica_311.mp3" link at the bottom.  I still don't have any clear idea of what a podcast is, and by the time I managed to get the player up I succeeded in getting myself kicked off again.  I should really go back and try to listen, but...eh.  I'll get to it.  I'm sure Nobilis does a fine job and I'm definitely happy to see the story get a chance to find some new readers.

Is it 5:00 PM yet?


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